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Olde Naples real estate offers homes for sale.  However, Olde Naples homes for sale are unique because they are located in the heart of Naples.  These Olde Naples homes offer more than just a prestigious address.  They also offer a location that is close to just about everything.  Living in Olde Naples, residents can take advantage of the Naples beach being just a short walking distance away.  On top of this, not only is the Naples beach just a short walking distance away, but so is the famous Fifth Avenue South.  Residents can enjoy a day at the beach, watch the Naples sunset, and then head out for the night to enjoy the Naples night life.  Downtown Naples, especially Fifth Avenue South, has all of Naples’ best restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques, art galleries, theatre and much more!

Olde Naples homes for sale may come in a variety styles, price ranges and sizes, but one thing is certain: these Olde Naples homes all have that same unique charm of living in Naples, Florida.  These neighborhoods in Olde Naples are all surrounded by beautiful banyan trees and coconut palms.  This historic part of Naples, Florida makes a very relaxing atmosphere for residents and tourists.


Olde Naples Homes Information

Olde Naples homes for sale are pure luxury and and the ideal real estate to have here in Naples, Florida.  Plenty of the Olde Naples homes have features that include lake views, Gulf of Mexico views, private beach access, and much more.  Residents can choose between a more contemporary style home or a historic type home.  The Olde Naples homes that were recently built are Tuscan and Mediterranean style, and are an ideal pick for home buyers that prefer contemporary style Olde Naples homes.  Some homes for sale in Olde Naples were built in the 1920’s, which are some of the first homes that were built in Olde Naples.  These historic homes have a cottage style, for anyone who prefers a more historic type of Olde Naples homes.  Some home buyers prefer contemporary beachfront estates in Naples, Florida.

Olde Naples homes can range in square footage, especially depending on what year they were built.  The cottage homes are typically smaller, ranging around 1,000 square feet.  The contemporary homes, which can be custom built Olde Naples homes, can range anywhere up to 20,000 square feet, with a price range from anywhere from 1 million to 15 million.

Neighborhoods in Olde Naples include single family homes, new construction and condos.  Some may be more interested in single family homes for sale in Olde Naples.  Ridge Lake is a neighborhood that offers single family homes for sale in Olde Naples.  What is unique about this community is that it is located near the beach, and offers plenty of walking and biking routes to the beach.  There are also other Olde Naples luxury communities such as Beachwalk, Golf Drive Estates, Terrace, Par La Ville, Spring Lake, Rusty Pelican, Olde Westlake Villas, Villas Ravello and more.  What is unique about these communities is that they are all located very close to Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South.  Tin City is also just a short distance from these communities.


Olde Naples Real Estate Advantages

Olde Naples real estate has so many advantages for home buyers.  Obviously, the location of Olde Naples is one thing.  But there are also much more advantages of owning an Olde Naples home.  Residents in Olde Naples can take advantage of the many private beach accesses in Naples, and enjoy the Southwest Florida sunsets.  Many people love to watch the sunsets from the Naples pier, which is also just a short distance from these Olde Naples homes for sale.  Aside from this, there are many activities for residents, some of these are boating, fishing (from either the Naples pier or deep-sea fishing) and golfing.  Now that’s another great thing about Naples.  The Naples golf courses are all so close to Olde Naples.  Spend the day either at the beach soaking up the sun, or on a golf course in Naples, Florida.  Either way, Olde Naples real estate makes a wise investment.  Whether one has the intention to purchase an Olde Naples home for the sake of renting it out as a vacation rental in Naples, or as a second home, Olde Naples is the place to be.  This part of Naples is in high demand and is a prime location for Naples real estate.

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