Olde Naples Condos

Olde Naples Condos

Olde Naples real estate consists of condos for sale in Naples.  However, Olde Naples condos have their own unique charm.  When it comes to condos, buyers find that the most appealing aspect of buying Naples condos is that they are maintenance-free.  Olde Naples condos are preferable for residents who are looking to live in Naples part time and want the least amount of maintenance.  What is even more pleasing about condos in Olde Naples is their location.  Olde Naples real estate is so close to downtown Naples, which includes the well-known Naples Fifth Avenue, the Naples Bay and Naples beaches!  Residents of these Olde Naples condos not only get to live the ideal Naples lifestyle by being only walking distance away from downtown Naples, but they also get easy access to the Naples beaches!  Considering these wonderful advantages, Olde Naples condos are the way to go when it comes to Olde Naples real estate.


Olde Naples Condos general information

Olde Naples condos for sale come in a variety of styles, price ranges and sizes.  Decide between a cottage style Naples condo or a contemporary style.  Regardless of the style of these Olde Naples condos, the amenities in many of these Olde Naples communities come in a variety as well.  Residents of Olde Naples real estate can enjoy their private entrances and elevators, as well as patios, and private swimming pools.

Olde Naples real estate has a prime location in the heart of Naples, Florida.  Condos for sale in Olde Naples are not only a good investment because their maintenance-free, but they are also a wise investment because they are close to the Naples beaches.  Residents who live in the Olde Naples condos are only walking distance away from Fifth Avenue.  Enjoy the Naples culture and live in luxury.  Take a short walk to the finest Naples art galleries, cafes, dining and plenty of Naples’ finest entertainment.  The Sugden Theatre is just right around the corner from the Olde Naples homes and condos for sale.  Tin City Shops and the Naples Bay Resort are just a few minutes away as well.

Olde Naples condos for sale are located in buildings that are tucked away into quiet streets, located just a few blocks away from the Gulf of Mexico and Naples beaches.  These beautiful condos for sale are also very close to Naples’ well-known Third Street South as well, where some of the finest dining and shopping can be found.  The Naples pier is also right around the corner from many of these Olde Naples condos for sale.

Esmerelda on Eighth is a newer building that consists of Olde Naples condos.  Residents that enjoy a contemporary style Naples condo in Olde Naples would fall in love with this building.  Some of the luxury features include a private swimming pool and very spacious floor plans.

Another featured Olde Naples condominium building is Olde Naples Ninth, which includes only four residential units with very updated features, including a very modern look.  What makes this Olde Naples real estate ideal is its walking distance to just about anywhere in the heart of Naples, including downtown Naples Fifth Avenue, Naples Bay and plenty of Naples entertainment, restaurants, bars and night life.


Olde Naples real estate advantages

Olde Naples real estate offers much more than just Naples homes and condos for sale.  Residents of Olde Naples also enjoy being close to Yacht Clubs in Naples, where there are a ton of boating opportunities.  Residents of Olde Naples condos can also enjoy being only walking distance from the beach as well as easy and quick access to the Naples beach.  Part of living the Naples lifestyle means participating in the Naples culture.  It helps to live in the heart of Naples.  Olde Naples real estate not only provides one with a Naples condo that is close to the beach, but one that is also close to the best shopping and dining located on Fifth Avenue.  This is also what makes Olde Naples real estate a safe investment when it comes to Naples real estate.  Tourists love being in the heart of Naples and close to downtown, so Olde Naples condos are easily rented out, and just as easily resold on the Naples market.  Either enjoy the Olde Naples condo, or rent it out…either way, investing in Olde Naples real estate is a safe bet.

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